The official Manchester Metrolink map and route planner.


Manchester Metrolink gives you the metro knowhow you need to getting you from A to B. Whether you're travelling into the city from Altrincham, Bury or Eccles this FREE app will help you get there.

Stay on track with Manchester Metrolink.

Information & Support

For more information and support on Manchester Metrolink please use the link below to contact us.

Key Features

  • Official TfGM map of the Metrolink.
  • Worlds fastest route planner.
  • Search for a station or find the one nearest to where you are now.
  • Select a route type, either the fastest or which has the fewest changes.
  • Calculate your route so that you know how long your journey will take and how many stations you will pass through.
  • Follow your journey on the metro map feature.
  • Line status update.
  • A clear map makeing viewing on the move easier.
  • It's FREE!